Rejoicing the journey of life

When I got the news that I would go on my own and no money coming from home, life teaches everything” says Akhil Morada, CEO of Akhil Morada Ventures, his journey began humbly couple of decades ago in USA, the land of opportunities.

A passionate entrepreneur, an investor and a Global wealth management consultant by profession, a travel blogger, a polo enthusiast and a philanthropist contributing religiously to support orphaned kids for their education back in India.(

Keeping a cool head and thinking long – term is among the things Akhil Morada does best. He has helped everyone from middle – class families to multi billionaires to protect, grow wealth, clarify their financial goals and help in funding their goals. Strong research and consistent performance while maintaining high standards of client services are the testament to the robustness of his model.

Currently associating with PROXIMA Capital Partners – excelling in private placements in Pre IPO, focused on providing progressive, transparent and holistic advice to investors.

Akhil’s social life filled with more passion in what he is offering to the world, As a horse lover, Akhil owns two horses and have been riding since the age of six. He is passionate about food and travel, he believes that travelling different places give much clarity and understanding of different perspectives and cultures. So far he travelled through Nepal, India, Thailand, hongkong, turkey (2), Vietnam, England, US, CANADA, Mexico (4), cuba (2), Colombia, purto Rico ( US), peru.

Akhil started his first job with 5$/Hr. and never looked back, but life was not easy, he has done odd jobs including; shipping clerk, waiter at Indian restaurants, gas stations, tutoring, clothing store, etc. prior to build his career in the field of finance. There were times when he had no money for food. A self-made, highly motivated has been a great support to his family since he was 20 years old.

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